About us

The winter maintenance industry is changing. Local authorities and winter maintenance contractors have been put under increased pressure to become more environmentally sustainable while cutting costs – but it can be a struggle to do both – especially when these pressures are combined with some of the worst extreme winter weather the UK has experienced in recent years.

The idea for A New Winter Approach (ANWA) was born after one particularly harsh winter season. The founding ANWA members had been answering questions and sharing solutions to the industry’s common problems on a one-to-one basis with individual winter maintenance practitioners. They realised there was a distinct need for an industry-wide information sharing forum where their knowledge could be shared on a greater scale, for the mutual benefit of the industry.

The concept was simple. To run regional events across the UK bringing the winter maintenance industry under one roof for a day of collaboration. The group wanted to create an event which opens doors – connecting neighbouring authorities and winter service specialists to share advice on creating winter maintenance strategies for the future – while ultimately learning from each other.

Each of ANWA’s eight winter service specialists are experts in their own field, offering applied expertise on topics from weather forecasting and sustainable salt treatments to digitisation and route-based forecasting. Experts discuss key winter maintenance projects – including Scotland’s resilient approach to winter maintenance, and help practitioners turn great advice (such as the NWSRG Guidance) into great practice.

We’d love to see you at one of our events in the future!