What to expect from A New Winter Approach


Keeping up with the latest developments in any industry can be tough… with all the information available where do you start? Online searches? Working groups? Magazine articles?

What about collaborative learning?

Collaborative learning – where peers across an industry get together to share their knowledge and experience on a particular subject – is growing in popularity.

Last year we launched a new collaborative learning event specifically for the winter maintenance industry. The first ‘A New Winter Approach’ brought together local authorities, term maintenance contractors and winter maintenance experts to learn from each other by sharing industry best practice.

With our next event in Wales planned for Autumn 2020, here’s what you can expect if you spend the day at A New Winter Approach:

Local government expertise

Highways Resilience Manager Laurence Madges, from the Welsh Government will be discussing how he and his team are working in partnership with local authorities across Wales.

The partnerships have allowed the Welsh Government to integrate live data feeds from a host of systems across the network to aid decision making and drive efficiencies, leading to increased vehicle utilisation.

Making sense of winter guidelines

The NWSRG’s winter service guidance documents including ‘Planning for Winter Service Delivery’ and ‘The Winter Maintenance Handbook’ were developed to provide advice on the latest legislative updates for local authorities.

Richard Hayes, former Chief Executive of the Institute of Highway Engineers, will be translating the NWSRG’s guidelines into simple advice which is easy to apply to your winter maintenance strategy.

Creating a sustainable winter maintenance strategy

Sustainability is a buzz word which currently seems to be on everyone’s lips. But how easy is it to become environmentally sustainable while under pressure to cut costs?

Our winter maintenance experts will show you how to combine the latest technologies to create an innovative, environmentally sustainable winter maintenance strategy, while also saving money!

Sharing advice and answering your questions

Network with fellow winter maintenance professionals from adjoining local authorities to share your experiences.

And with so many experts and local authorities all together, take the opportunity to participate in a live Q&A session with our panel of experts. After all, many heads are better than one!

Free stuff

We like to look after our delegates. By joining us for a day you’ll receive 5 hours of CPD points from the Institute of Highway Engineers. PLUS you’ll be kept topped up with delicious food and drinks throughout the day.

If you would like to be added to the mailing list to be informed about our next event in Wales, or any future events, email gemma@anewwinterapproach.co.uk

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