A New Winter Approach 2022 returns in-person

The UK’s leading sustainability conference for the winter service industry returns in-person on the 27th April 2022 supporting local authorities and winter maintenance experts to build an environmentally-friendly strategy in the most cost-efficient way, explore the latest technologies and solutions, and innovate collaboratively to a sustainable future.

We are delighted to announce the return of A New Winter Approach as an in-person event, giving delegates the chance to meet face-to-face and network with neighbouring authorities following two years of lockdown.

Taking place on the 27th April in South Wales, the CPD-accredited conference will bring together our team of seven industry-leading innovators to share best practice information about how to approach the winter season, while showcasing the technologies and services that can offer value and sustainability, helping the industry address some of today’s most pressing challenges.

Hear the latest best practice advice…

Following the success of the digital summit last year, the one-of-its-kind event will give delegates the chance to hear the latest best practice advice from experts on a wide array of topics, covering everything from alternative energy approaches, to maintaining legislative compliance, ways to increase winter service engagement and achieving net-zero.

Throughout the day, attendees will be able to participate in an action-packed programme, including a series of presentations, workshops, Panel Q&A sessions, and networking opportunities.

This year, we are delighted to announce our keynote speaker as Tim-Peppin, Director of Regeneration and Sustainable Development from the Welsh Local Government Association (WLGA). Tim will be joining us to discuss the work of the WLGA’s Salt Network – why it was formed, what it has achieved and looking ahead to the future, including climate change and other environmental concerns, the shift in emphasis towards public transport and active travel routes, and lessons from the COVID pandemic. Special guest, David Bachelor (NWSRG Secretary) will provide an insight into what’s new at NWSRG, how the completely revised membership model facilitates greater engagement with highway authorities and how a renewed focus on research and knowledge transfer to best practice guidance will benefit the winter service sector. 

“Our conference brings the winter service industry together to understand and resolve the issues facing it. Together we will ensure local authorities and winter maintenance experts can walk away with comprehensive knowledge of the most innovative solutions to ensure efficiency and the most cost-effective ways to keep roads safe in winter.”

Charles Robertson, ANWA Vice-Chair

Building a cost-effective winter strategy…

With the UK committed to ‘net zero’ by 2050, there is increasing pressure on local authorities and winter maintenance subcontractors to become more environmentally sustainable while cutting costs.

Gritting has long been one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways for councils to keep roads safe and the economy moving through adverse weather conditions in winter; however, research has shown it has direct environmental impacts. Additionally, salt is considered a non-renewable resource, making it imperative to explore ways of mitigating these impacts and implement more eco-friendly solutions.

A New Winter Approach brings the winter maintenance industry a different type of conference, which focuses on the advantages of collaborative working and information sharing to explore the latest innovations and technologies that can help the industry to address these challenges.

“This is not to be missed if you are looking to create an innovative, environmentally sustainable winter maintenance strategy in the most cost-efficient way. The industry relies on salt, a mineral with finite availability to deliver its service, and it is crucial that tools are in place to ensure the right amount is delivered in the right place to be effective and to minimise damage to the environment. The industry also needs better data to understand the most efficient way of treating its networks, and the event will demonstrate the latest technologies, from weather forecasting to GPS routing and salt sheeting systems, that can address this.”

Alan Sheen, ANWA Chairperson

Learn from industry-leading brands…

Following the postponement of the event in 2020, last year ‘A New Winter Approach’ was delivered as a digital summit. The event brought together over 100 delegates over a week packed with free expert talks, round table discussions and panel Q&A sessions.

This year the leading sustainability conference for the winter service industry returns in-person. The event will feature a series of presentations from industry leading brands in the UK, including MetDesk, Exactrak, Econ, Winter-Service-Solutions-Ltd, Peacock-Salt, Eurodome, and Salt-Sense-Ltd – who together will share insights on how the industry can innovate to a sustainable future. View our 2022 programme here.

Our event is free to attend and is accredited by the Institute of Highways Engineers, awarding attendees 5 hours of CPD points.

Join us to receive 5 hours of CPD points!

‘A New Winter Approach’ will be taking place on the 27th April 2022 at the Coldra Court Hotel in Newport, Wales. The conference is accredited by the @Institute-of-Highway-Engineers and rewards attendees with five hours of CPD points. Attendance is free, but we have limited places available. Don’t miss the chance to join the biggest gathering of winter service industry professionals. For more information and to register, click here

We’ll see you there! 

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A New Approach to knowledge sharing

A New Approach to knowledge sharing

A New Approach to knowledge sharing

The UK’s winter service industry has undergone somewhat of a revolution over the last decade. The industry has seen a number of developments, all designed to drive sustainability – from improved forecasting and monitoring solutions, to better application and storage methods.

However, the industry in general is suffering from a knowledge gap. Many key industry practitioners have recently changed roles or retired, making it harder for local authorities, private contractors and TMCs to keep up with the latest developments.

Enter ‘A New Winter Approach’ – we’re six industry experts who have collaborated to bring a series of UK-wide roadshows to the winter maintenance industry.

Our aim for these roadshows is to showcase the latest winter maintenance innovations, while also offering a unique networking and knowledge sharing opportunity. We’ll be holding highly targeted events in specific UK regions, with each agenda set to cover specific issues experienced within each region.

Creating a sustainable winter maintenance strategy

The pressure is on local authorities to do ‘more for less’ in the current era of budget cuts, and although the industry has started looking at how to become more sustainable in order to make savings, it can be a challenge to filter through all the information available to choose the most sustainable option.

A New Winter Approach addresses these issues by specifically focussing on the innovations that will offer value and sustainability to the winter maintenance industry for many years to come.

These innovations are brought to delegates at our events through best practice examples, including applied case studies, industry trial results, and practical workshops.

Our regional workshops have a firm focus on case-study based innovation and education. They provide winter practitioners with the opportunity to learn about the application of new technologies and gives them time to network with their peers – all in one single day.

Richard Hogg, MetDesk

Collaborative working

Attending one of the A New Winter Approach events also gives the industry a unique opportunity to meet the key winter maintenance players from their local region, giving attendees the chance to network with colleagues from neighbouring councils and national highway authorities, as well as share best practice information about how they approach the winter season.

Part of this knowledge sharing takes place during an interactive Q&A session, involving a panel of experts answering questions set by the delegates themselves.

Over 50 delegates from local authorities, private contractors and TMCs attended our inaugural event in London in September 2019. Despite working in closely as neighbouring authorities, this was the first-time many people had met face-to-face, and many attendees cited the networking opportunities as one of the highlights of the day.

It’s a rare occurrence to get so many industry experts together, I’ve never seen so many London Boroughs in one room.

Richard Hayes (former Chief Executive of the Institute of Highway Engineers)

Interested in attending?

Our events are free to attend and is accredited by the Institute of Highways Engineers, awarding attendees 5 hours of CPD points.

If you would like to be added to the mailing list to be informed about our next event in Wales, or any future events, email gemma@anewwinterapproach.co.uk

Who’s involved?

A New Winter Approach is a collaboration between six winter maintenance industry leaders who are passionate about creating a sustainable future; Econ, Eurodome, Exactrak, MetDesk, Peacock Salt and Winter Service Solutions.